Burgerlijke huwelijken

Ritual de la arena para 50 años de aniversario de boda

Ritualer på borgerliga bröllop

[row][col desktop=”6″ tablet=”6″] Candle Ritual:  Ritualen av rosen: Uppvärmda Ringar Ritual: Trädplantning ceremoni: Vinceremoni: Unity Canvas Paint Ceremony: [/col][col desktop=”6″ tablet=”6″] Sand ceremoni: Myntbyte: En spansk tradition               Handfasting Ritual: Bryta glaset vid ett judiskt bröllop: Brev Ritual: “Jai Mala Garland” o  Neclase Ritual :[…]

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“I contacted to Antonio from abroad and we did the meetings, he adapted to our needs without any problem, my husband is Irish and since he and his family / friends do not speak Spanish we needed someone who could do the ceremony for us. We chose the sand ritual,[…]

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