Rituals of the Wedding Ceremony

Ritual de la arena para 50 años de aniversario de boda

Here we leave a list of the rituals that we have carried out and if you are interested we can incorporate the one you like most because of its symbolism, way of doing it, tradition … Make an appointment with us and we will explain how each one is done is the one that best suits your civil ceremony. If you are a couple with children in some of them we can also make them partners. We are available by whatsapp on (+34) 699 903 691.

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Candle Ritual: 

Ceremonia de la vela_ Ritual de las velas

Rose ceremony:

Warming Rings Ritual:

Los anillos pasantes en la ceremonia

Tree Planting Ceremony:

Ritual del arbol, ceremonia del arbol bodas

Wine Ceremony:

Ritual del vino en las ceremonias de bodas

Unity Canvas Paint Ceremony:

Ritual de pintur un lienzo, ceremonia del lienzo

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Sand Ceremony.

Ritual de la arena, ceremonia de las arenas

Coins exchange: A Spanish tradition

Ceremonia arras en la ceremonia civil








Handfasting Ritual:

Ritual de los lazos o manos unidas

Breaking the Glass at a Jewish wedding:

Romper el vaso ceremonia judia, ritual vaso roto

Letters Ritual:

Ritual de las cartas de amor, ceremonia de las cartas de amor

“Jai Mala Garland” o  Neclase Ritual :

Jaimala Jai Mala Ceremony Hindu Ritual Garlan






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